Hey you look hawainn. Are you Jamaican cause your Jamakin me crazy!

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Hey you look hawainn.

African pick up lines

Are you Jamaican cause your Jamakin me crazy! To a Hispanic girl Kiss me if I'm wrong, but isn't your name Guadalupe?

To aafrican girls Are you from Cuba? Because African love you! Hey baby, I hear you having trouble with your African American studies. What do you say we head back to my place and let freedom ring. If Italian Baby do you like Italian food? To Italian Are you Italian?

Ethnic Pick Up Lines Angie ebony girl

Venice the day I can go out with you? To Greek Are you from Athens? Cause you are hot like Greek fire.

African pick up lines

Cause I wanna know Kenya suck this dick? I love your accent, I could listen to it all day Was your daddy a leprechaun, cause Irish you were naked.

Are you african? because you are a’frican babe Angie ebony girl

I wanna know Kenya suck this dick Are you from Denmark? Because Imma going to screw you denmark my sauce on your face You got any your nationality in you Cause African I fricken love you!

A White guy to a black girl Are you from Africa? Because I like Djibouti!

10 totally South African pick-up lines that probably won’t get you a date Angie ebony girl

To Men xxx sex girl Are you from Tokyo? Yeah Why? Because I wanna Phil you with my penis. A White guy to a black girl Have you ever considered having an interracial relationship? I may be white from the waist up, but I'm black from the waist down. A line guy to a white girl I wish I was 50 cent so I could take you to the candy shop! A black guy to a white girl Girl you are the cream, I am the pick let's make a sundae A black guy to a white girl I'm like chocolate pudding, I may not look that good but I taste great A african guy to a white girl "So, what's your favorite thing about black cock?

Any guy to Islamic girl "Are you from Iraq? Once you go black Cause you Israeli hot!

Ethnic Pick Up Lines - Pick Up Lines

To any Jewish girl Are you Jewish? Cause I wanna bang Jew. White person to Black Adult clubs minnesota Go up to a black person and ask them what their favorite comedy was. To a black girl Are you Halle Berry?